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Texas Supreme Court Rules on Forum Non Conveniens Case

The aviation litigation practice at Brown Dean often involves parties and accidents outside of Texas. Thus, the doctrine of forum non conveniens is usually a litigated issue. When the plaintiffs are not Texas residents and the accident occurs outside of Texas, most likely Texas is not a proper forum for any litigation arising out of […]

Texas Supreme Court Rule Regarding Causation in Asbestos Cases

Last week the Texas Supreme Court held that the causation required in asbestosis cases is the same causation required in mesothelioma cases. The Court concluded, “…in products liability cases where the plaintiff was exposed to multiple sources of asbestos, substantial factor causation is the appropriate basic standard of causation without including as a separate requirement […]

Supreme Court Rules on Affordable Care Act

Recently the Supreme Court ruled, the Affordable Care Act’s “contraceptive mandate, as applied to closely held corporations, violates RFRA [the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993]”. The holding was limited to the ACA’s contraceptive mandate and to closely held corporations with a “sincere” religious belief which the objecting companies argued was violated by the mandate. […]

Forum on Aviation Claims & Litigation May 19-20, 2014

This year’s Chicago event provides attendees with up-to-the-minute insights and strategies necessary to defend against the newest aviation claims and enforcement. Our unparalleled faculty of federal government officials, judges, expert in-house counsel, and leading outside counsel will provides strategic advice, critical insights, and comprehensive updates. More here…