Real Estate Law

Brown, Proctor & Howell attorneys represent clients in a wide range of real estate transactions and litigation. Our decades of experience and intensive technical knowledge in Texas eminent domain, property condemnation, oil and gas leases/mineral rights, and real estate-related construction issues mean we understand the high stakes involved. In addition to these specific areas of real estate law, our firm has represented a condominium association for nearly a decade, resulting in a solid understanding of the intricate laws involving the rights of condominium owners.

We respond quickly to defend clients’ interests and prosecute lawsuits on behalf of clients involved in matters such as those listed below and more:

Property Sales and Purchases:

Property Use:

  • Condominium associations and ownership rights
  • Residential homeowners associations
  • Property management
  • Zoning
  • Real estate-related construction issues
  • Real estate development
  • Property rights
  • Access/easement agreements
  • Leases
  • Mineral rights/Oil and gas property leases
  • Tenant Issues/Evictions
  • Property management agreements


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Larry Wilshire, Partner

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